If you think the models on my website have been professional models, I will tell you a secret. 90 percent were not!

Do I think YOU can look like a model?
You do not have to be a “Pro” to get an amazing photo of yourself. Every individual has something unique that, when captured on photo, comes absolutely beautiful.

What is it like working with me?
I am a creative, passionate artist who intends to bring a unique flavor of photography to every photo shoot.  I will work with each client to achieve their desired look and ambiance.

My work is alive. I will allow the natural flow of the photo shoot to take us to the ultimate destination.  I am a perfectionist and work with each client until the moment is captured perfectly.


I was born in a small Swabian town, not too far from Munich, Germany.  I have always gravitated to create art and print photography.  During my adolescent years, I had an infinity and passion for all forms of art and inherently was my favorite subject in school.  My interest in shapes, colors, and the associated effects, when captured on still film, led me to photography.

My creative career began in the field of cosmetology (barber/hairstylist) and make-up artistry. Although I had gained notoriety as a make-up artist and hairstylist, in 2010, I eventually picked up a camera and became more involved in photography. In 2013 I started working as a lecturer at Germany’s #1 beauty and make-up school (Schöner – school of cosmetology), teaching young professionals entering the industry how to attract a larger audience on social media through the right make-up and photography.

Today, my professional focus is on print photography for beauty, fashion, and commercial advertising.